Balenciaga’s Bag Designs Looks Like Philippines’ “Palengke Bag”

Balenciaga’s Bag Designs Looks Like Philippines’ “Palengke Bag”

This “Palengke Bag” here in the Philippines made it up to the New York Runway. Well at least the one with Balenciaga signature. Can you still remember the striped blue, yellow, green and res plastic bag your mother used to carry every time you went to wet market or every time someone is traveling from the province. This design can now absolutely pass as a designer bag.

Last Fall Winter 16 runway this familiar bag appeared an appearance on a model’s shoulder. This design of the bag, according to hypebeast was inspired by “the usually cheap red-white-blue nylon bags” often used for packing groceries or carrying heavy goods.

Compared to the usual “palengke bag” we have here in the Philippines that cost at around one hundred and less than this Balenciaga bag price range from US$2,000 (lambskin version) to US$ 10,000 (snakeskin version). The price is really high while the said designs can just be seen here in our country as something we use when going to the market.

In Thailand, this bag is their version of their Thai Plastic Bag. It has been stated in CLEO that “Coconuts Bangkok reported that a Thai official has defended the brand and said it wasn’t a copyright violation because both bags used different materials – the Thai version is made of flimsy plastic, while the Balenciaga bag looks sturdier and seems to be made from patent leather.

This seems to be very funny but nowadays fashion is way much more unpredictable making it explore lot of different designs that sometime lead to misconceptions. But as what fashion people say, every fashion trend is something we need to embrace and be proud of because it requires so much research, studies and planning series to come up with a certain design.

Yet the design is really controversial. Is this a sign that we should start stocking up our plastic bags? Or maybe some other cheap designs of bags because maybe one of these days that design will also walk in New York’s runway.