Philippines:  Two Boys Showcase Their International Talent In Beatbox

Philippines: Two Boys Showcase Their International Talent In Beatbox

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines. There are also other vocal disciplines and practices into their routines and performances such as, Singing, Rapping, Sound mimicry and other vocal arts.

Beatbox has been one of the most used talents in different talent shows here in the Philippines and we cannot deny it, Filipinos are very much talented and amazing in this platform.

Let me now introduce you to this Youtuber that happens to be very talented in the field of beatbox as well. One of his trending video right now was entitled, KID vs ADULT | Beatbox Battle and collaboration!

You can see how these two boys performs in front of the camera and showcase their talents in beatbox. The sounds they make is really unique and alive to listen to. They are doing this just effortless but they produced such amazing and wonderful sounds. They gained a lot of views and comments on Youtube even in Facebook, this is just a proof that these two boys are way so much talented in this field.

It is also proud to know that even at young age, some Filipinos are really talented and are not shy to show their talents all over the world.

May this video be a reminder for each and everyone of us to be proud of ourselves and don’t be afraid to show our talents to other people.