Litrato ng mga Korean Actors at Actresses Trending sa Mga K-Drama Fans

Litrato ng mga Korean Actors at Actresses Trending sa Mga K-Drama Fans

Korean Drama or the K-Drama has been one of the most influential TV series here in the Philippines. A lot of Filipinos are really hook watching so many K-Drama series and even supporting their favorite Korean Pop Group or much known as K-Pop.

In line with so many Filipinos are such a big fan of Korean Novelas or Korean Series. Let’s check how much you really know Korean Artists by the photos I’ll be showing below:

Source Soleil Kim

The first one is:

Many Filipinos on social media says that this picture above can be seen in lots of Korean Novelas such as Miss Hammurabi, Legend of the Blue Sea, Hwarang and a lot more. This man is always present in different genre of Korean Novelas and it only signifies how good he is as an actor.

The second is:

He was entitles as the “ahjussi of all time” for other fans. Some also says the he is indeed a good comedian as well. Maybe you saw him already in different Korean Novelas such as Black, Bong Soon, While You Were Sleeping and a lot more.

The third is

This man was said to be the “best friend of all“. It is maybe because he portrayed a lot of best friend roles in different series. Yet on the other hand many Filipinas are into this cute Korean. Some of the Korean Novelas you can see him are in Weightlifting Fair, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and a lot more.

The fourth is:

This man portrays a lot of “kontrabida” role in different Korean Novelas making some  fans hate him. This is a good way to say that he is indeed a good actor because he make a certain scene looks more realistic.

The fifth is:

This girl looks sophisticated and stunning. Did you know that most of her roles are mother figure? Yet she don’t look like one. You can watch her at My Golden Life, About Me, Legend of the Blue Sea and a lot more.

The sixth and last is:

I know what you feel right now? He is indeed cute! But did you know also that this handsome boy is a son of one of the business tycoon in South Korea? He has it all. You can watch him ate different Korean Series such as Descendants of the Sun, Waikiki and a lot more.

You? How well did you know your favorite Korean TV Actors and Actresses?

H/T Soleil Kim