Man Became Viral After Being A Good Samaritan For An Unfortunate Man

Man Became Viral After Being A Good Samaritan For An Unfortunate Man

Poverty is the scarcity or the lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money.

We all know that the many Filipinos have this kind of problem. They are having a hard time surviving in such difficult conditions, and more and more are falling into extreme poverty. Aside from that, employment opportunities are being scarce, many Filipinos are unable to afford housing, which puts them in danger of turning to the streets for accommodation. Don’t forget Hunger, because it is one of the extreme effects of poverty in the Philippines.

This is like our story. A Facebook user named Jaive Joseph Roble recently shared his story in Facebook. One night while walking home, a man named Jerick Reyes approached him asking for P10 so that he could buy milk powder for his children.

“I’m not a bad person, I don’t wanna do bad things because my family will also suffer if I go to jail. – he said

He also said that he tried to apply in different construction sites but unfortunately he was not accepted in any.

“I’ll say this frankly sir, my wife doesn’t know that I’m begging for alms today just to have enough money to get milk and food for our baby. It doesn’t matter if we only eat rock salt and vinegar as long as our children gets what they need”

Jaive didn’t hesitate to help and asked the Jerick to come with him inside the market and buy the things he needed. Jerick hesitated at first because he might not be allowed to enter the market’s premises but Jaive insisted. He bought the Milk Powder that he needed and added some chicken, liver and ground meat for their daily living. Jerick was very happy saying that he’s very grateful and will return the favor someday.

If there are more people like Jaive, the world would be a much better place.

His story touched many people’s hearts. Here’s some of the reactions of the netizens:

The post has garnered around 739k Reactions, 7.3k Comments and 222k Shares.