Miss USA Pinagtawanan sina Miss Vietnam at Miss Cambodia Dahil Hindi Marunong Mag-Ingles

Miss USA Pinagtawanan sina Miss Vietnam at Miss Cambodia Dahil Hindi Marunong Mag-Ingles

Since we were all young. English was taught to us, as the “Universal Language” and it is a must for us to learn it.

In line with this beauty pageants are really one of the most awaited competition every year, to be specific the Miss Universe pageant. In this pageant different girls are all representing different countries and way back then speaking in English has been an issue. Another one is having a translator. To others it looks unfair to have translator especially to those girls who really studied English very well before joining the said pageant.

As part of it, it is now anywhere in Social Media. This is the trending live video of Sarah Rose Summers, Miss USA 2018 who allegedly said something hurtful regarding Miss Cambodia and Miss Vietnam’s knowledge about English language.

Miss USA appears to mock Miss Cambodia – Rern Sinat – for her lack of English during rehearsals in Bangkok.

Summers was called out online for mocking the two other contestants on Instagram Live; of Miss Vietnam, she commented: “She’s so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she goes…” before going on to mime nodding and smiling. Of Rern, she said, “Poor Cambodia” while talking about her not speaking English.

Miss USA was slammed online by mocking Miss Vietnam and Miss Combodia. She gained different negative comments by the viewers and netizens.

One post on Facebook is really disappointed by what Miss USA’s performance. The post goes like this:

I was still a little bit of what he said to miss cambodia eh
In the first video


What’s that?
It doesn’t mean you’re good in English is that you can help others
Sister, coat you mother tongue you
Other words in Cambodia and Vietnam
So you are not the one you probably know what they are
Miss Universe USA is just annoying 2018

Yet after the video and knowing that Miss Cambodia and Miss Thailand get hurt, Miss USA pologized via her Instagram account on Thursday after a video went viral of her making controversial comments about Nat Rern, Miss Cambodia and H’Hen Nie, Miss Vietnam for not speaking English during the Miss Universe competition.

I hope they are now both okay especially the final pageant is really near.