Natouch Ang Mga Netizens Sa Isang Asong Umiiyak Dahil Aalis Na Ang Kanyang Amo

Natouch Ang Mga Netizens Sa Isang Asong Umiiyak Dahil Aalis Na Ang Kanyang Amo

Relationships between pets and their owners are quite different from those established between humans

Dogs have a special chemistry with humans that goes back many tens of thousands of years ago. That’s why a dog really treasures a human who gave him/her care and love. Dog’s dysfunctional attachment relationships with their owners are assumed to be the underlying cause of separation anxiety.

It is an anxiety disorder in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or people with strong emotional attachment. Just like this dog in our story where he keeps crying because his owner will be on a trip to Bohol.

He doesn’t wanna stop crying but calms for a bit when he hears that they’re gonna buy him chicken. He then keeps crying afterwards while the owner is kissing him at the back of his head.

It really is heartwarming to see a dog yearning for his owner. You can see that he really is sad that his owner will leave, but the good thing is they are able to explain things to him. These kind of dogs are well cared and received a lot of love from their owners.

Many netizens were touched by the video but some are doubtful saying that the dog might not be sad. Other pet lovers instantaneously fought back by saying that people who doesn’t own dogs will not understand them. It is a very unconditional love both for the dog and the owner.

Here’s the reactions of some netizens:

Here is the video: