Isang Pamilya Namigay Ng Maagang Papasko sa Kakaiba at Nakakatawa Na Paraan

Isang Pamilya Namigay Ng Maagang Papasko sa Kakaiba at Nakakatawa Na Paraan

Christmas is nearly approaching and we found a game perfect for this upcoming Christmas day where families are gathering together to celebrate. Most of the time our Ninong and Ninang, Tito and Tita and even older cousins are just giving us gifts and 20’s or 50’s or even 100PHP and that’s all after we say thank you.

But why don’t we make this money gift giving a game to have some fun.

This family in the Philippines, came up with the idea of putting money in 20PHP, 50PHP, 10oPHP, 500PHP and for the grand prize is 1000PHP inside a large plastic bowl or here in the Philippines is “planggana”.

They told the kids of their family to fall in line then to put a handkerchief on their eyes to cover it then get one money inside the bowl. Some kids got the 100PHP bills, some got 20PHP and all of them are eyeing for the 1000PHP.

After the kids, now its time for the adults to fall in line. They also got the smaller bills and still 1000PHP is inside and still available for the next one.

Posted by Blessed Whitby Lucky Sabado on Monday, 19 November 2018

The key is that they are all having such a wonderful time of the year. They had so much fun playing while having their own “aginaldo” or Christmas cash gift. It is a different way to have fun but at least everyone is laughing and enjoying. Sometimes you just really have to put a lot of twists on a certain old ways to make it more fun and interesting.

What do you think? Maybe you can also do this in your family. Merry Christmas!

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