Amazing 2030 of the Philippines Saw By A Self Proclaimed “Time Traveler”

Amazing 2030 of the Philippines Saw By A Self Proclaimed “Time Traveler”

We all want to be a time traveler and experience all the parks of it. Many of us dreams to travel and go back to our past and some want to look forwards and travel going to the future.

But did you know that there is one guy who claims to be a time traveler? That guy had wild claims about Philippine’s future. Yet many are still fascinated by all his stories.

This trending “Time Traveler” calls himself as “Noah” vocalize that the future of Philippines is bright.

According to him Philippines will be one of the giant utopia where everyone is happy and are good citizens of the country by 2030. The time will come that Artificial Intelligence (AI) police task force. will be implemented here in the Philippines just like what Japan will supposedly create. This will be a way that no one in the Philippines will break the law implemented by AI.

He also said that Philippines will be a better version that is said to richer. It is with the country’s gross domestic product supposedly going up after the AI police force gets implemented.

This self proclaimed “Time Traveler” also saw that the Philippines will be advance in terms of Technology. In line with this he said that on the future Philippines will be using brain chips for each citizens.

In 2030, Philippines just started a decision to actually implement brain chips into as much [people] as possible. If you were ever rushed to the hospital, they could easily find all the information on you and [it] has saved so many lives like in the millions,” the ‘time traveler’ claimed.

On the last part of it and what catches a lot of attention is that when he something not just awesome but wonderful: the Philippines supposedly holds the seat of power in a giant ‘country’ comprised of Southeast Asian nations.

It was stated there that other Southeast Asia countries like Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam will merge with the Philippines to form something. That one thing “Noah” did not reveal. This just concludes that Philippines will hold the seat of power.

Many had been concluded a lot of future thoughts about the Philippines ever since and this one is an addition to it. Yet still a lot of Filipinos are excited on this. But above anything, is the worth something to believe into?