Boys Does Hilarious Prank To Their Parents For Ignoring Them Because of Being Busy at Their Phones

Boys Does Hilarious Prank To Their Parents For Ignoring Them Because of Being Busy at Their Phones

Spending quality time with your kids is really a must. Yet we all now that many parents are guilty about these because a lot of parents are busy with their works, connecting with their friends and co-workers and other things they are doing for themselves and for their family.

But despite of being busy to other things, parents should have time management on how and when they will bond with their kids. They should give them attention and affection as well.

One trending family now on social media had experience such a traumatic yet very funny scenario with their kids playing prank on their parents because they are ignoring them.

You can see on the photo that both parents are busy on their phone watching or maybe scrolling at social media. On the other hand you can see a boy just lying and not bothering his parents. If you will notice, in other kids they will have tantrums and started bothering their parents but I guess this kids are used to it.

But apparently these kids get tired of being ignored. The younger boy remained stoic as his older brother put a blanket over his body. You might be wondering what these two kids are up to now.

Their parents just glanced to what they are doing but still continued to watch or do something on their phone.

Until …..

The boy covered fully by the blanket started to move when his elder brother raised his arms up as if he is performing some magic tricks to his younger brother.

At this moment they got the attention of their parents making them rush to get the blanket off to their little son.

What did you think happen after their parents remove the blanket? You can check the video below:

Đúng là gia môn bất hạnh 😂🤣

Đúng là gia môn bất hạnh, con với cái chơi trò mất dạy 😂🤣

Posted by Nhật ký on Friday, 2 November 2018

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