Rags To Riches: This Cebuano Bakery Attendant Before Is Now A Successful Car Rental Business Owner In Iceland

Rags To Riches: This Cebuano Bakery Attendant Before Is Now A Successful Car Rental Business Owner In Iceland

This person’s story is one of the stories every Filipinos look up to. Every success of each Filipinos in other countries is such a pride.

Introducing Evelyn Tagalog. From attending to a bakery in Cebu Evelyn now runs a 500-unit strong rent-a-car business in Reykjavik, Iceland. Imagine how big her business is.

“I try my best. Nagtiyaga talaga,” Evelyn said on “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.”

Evelyn is very hardworking leading her to have such successful life right now. Evelyn Tagalog is from Ormoc, Leyte. The only income they have before is the income her father gets from being a tricycle driver. Because of poverty her parents cannot afford to send her to to school but because of grit and determination. Evelyn decided to go to Cebu where she became a working student to support her studies.

Being a working students is never easy. Evelyn worked in a bakery and at night, she attended the University of Cebu. Through her hard work and perseverance, Evelyn graduated and landed a job in a furniture company. It sounded like she would just lead a normal life.

This is the start of a better future for her.


For six years, she has a Icelander penpal and they maintained their relationship until the strong-willed Evelyn flew to Iceland to be with her penpal.

Life at Iceland is not easy as well. It is like the life she has in Cebu. She had to go to school to learn the language, and juggle jobs to support herself.

During her stay at Iceland while enduring all the loneliness. Evelyn’s lover died because of cancer. But still she managed: she made friends, went out with them, and she kept working.

After sometime, Evelyn worked at a fishery as well. In this job she met Sigudur, a fishing boat owner and much like meeting her penpal in Cebu, Evelyn fell in love a second time around.

The two work hand in hand. They had the fishing boat, which they sold to buy a 30-room hotel. They really rish to invest for a larger business. After two years of smooth business, the couple decided to invest their money on car rentals. Every risk in business is not even sure but they are really brave to decide on work on it.

The rent-a-car business proved to be a success, growing from 5 cars to a fleet of 650. So once again, the couple decided to sell the hotel, in order to concentrate on the car business.

Now Evelyn with her partner are both successful car rental owners in Iceland. Apart from sending money and putting her nieces and nephews to school, Evelyn says she also helps her family in developing businesses.

Indeed she is an inspiration to each and every Filipino to never stop dreaming.

Here is a message Evelyn said when asked by LA, GMA News:

“Magsisikap talaga at saka matatiyaga. Work hard. At kapag kumikita na, dapat gagamitin nang wasto at pahahalagahan ‘yung paghihirapan. Kapag magsisikap ka, meron kang makakamtan.”