Tunay na Inspirasyon: Anak Nang Isang Magsasaka sa Pilipinas Nakapasok sa Harvard University

Tunay na Inspirasyon: Anak Nang Isang Magsasaka sa Pilipinas Nakapasok sa Harvard University

This family living in Bulacan, in the northern foothills of the Sierra Madre is now viral on social media because of their son’s big achievement. Romnick L. Blanco was born as the seventh of nine sons of a poor farmer in Bulacan. This young man happens to be the pride of his family and our country for being able to study at Harvard University.

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This young man is an inspiration making it possible for him to go to school everyday without missing any classes despite of many miles of walk and even crossing a river. He will always makes sure to go to school unless the river is really hard to cross because it don’t have any bridge on it.

It was way back in 2011 when a local charity named GreenEarth Heritage Foundation gave Romnick a big break. He was one of the students who is chosen by GreenEarth for providing them access to English and computer literacy classes. They were also given some allowance to help cover the costs of going to school.

But it never stops from there, having such a remarkable performance and grades at school. Romnick was able to catch the foundation’s attention. They gave him a scholarship  to attend the International School Manila, the country’s oldest international high school.

Romnick graduated last 2017 and made everyone proud because he was just accepted in different foreign schools such as Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Wesleyan University, and New York University at Abu Dhabi. This comes with full scholarship.

I selected Harvard for all that it represents. Its reputation precedes itself. I love its motto, ‘Veritas: I will go where truth leads me,’” the young man said.

Yet above all those universities, Romnick chose Harvard University. Romnick now begins his classes in Harvard. We’re rooting for you, Romnick! We are all proud of you!

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