An Old Man Saved 10 Peso Coins for 2 Years To Buy A Brand New Motorcyle All For Cash

An old man from Dumangas, Iloilo proved us that if you want something you will work on it even though it is hard and it requires long days, months or even years of waiting. This man went viral after he bought a brand-new motorcyle on cash from his savings of 10 peso coins for two years. Amazing, right?

Photo Angel Gel Azarbaacac

Imagine how determined this old man is to be able to purchase his dream motorcyle. The man behind this trending news is none other than Tatay Rodrigo M. Cosio. Tatay we salute you for being so patient and wise. This actions is very inspiring as well for everyone who wants something but they can’t still afford to buy. His strategy to save for 2 years rather than buying a motorcyle on a installment basis for 3 years is indeed very wise and practical. We all know that when we buy a motorycle and decided to pay it on an installment basis, there will be a big interest and it will be an additional burden in paying for the unit you bought. That’s why he came up with an idea of this and paid it in cash. Smooth and no worries, as others will say.

Angel Gel Azarb

Angel Gel Azarb who works at the motorcycle dealership in Dumangas, Iloilo, was the one who shared tatay’s photos. She was greatly impressed at how he was able to achieve this savings goal. It is indeed an inspiration especially for younger generation who are very impulsive when buying random stuffs they want.

Photo Angel Gel Azarb

Photo Angel Gel Azarb

Even though the staff had a bit of a hard time counting all the money, they had fun doing it because they were all inspired by Tatay Rodrigo. We all salute this old man who gave us all an inspiration to save.

Source Angel Gel Azarb