3 Tips for Dating a Gamer When You’re Not a Gamer

A gamer is someone who enjoys playing games, whether with a table-top game, cell phone, gaming console, arcade game, or a computer. This connotation is typically associated with gamers who enjoy video games, but people who play table-top games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, are also gamers.

Nearly everyone is some kind of gamer; including people who play Facebook games. But for those who don’t consider themselves to be gamers, it can be rather difficult being in a relationship with someone who is a gamer. Non-gamers have a difficult time understanding why their boyfriends (or girlfriends) would rather play Halo than go out on a date. Even if they do have an understanding partner who enjoys going on dates, sometimes the conversation will turn into the latest game they have been playing, which can bore the non-gamer to the point of having a miserable time out on their date.

Before you think about calling it quits with your gamer, consider the 3 tips below to help make your time with them more enjoyable, while also trying to understand where your gamer is coming from.

Photo via u/Freshmatics Reddit

Gaming is Their Hobby
Nearly everyone has at least one hobby. For a gamer, their hobby is gaming. They shouldn’t have to give up their hobby simply because it isn’t a hobby you two share. Trying to convince a gamer to stop gaming all together would be like them asking you to stop spending time on Facebook, shopping at the mall, or whatever your biggest hobby might be. That being said, gamers also need to be aware that there is a time for gaming and there is also time meant to be spent with their significant other.

Ask your gamer to set up a schedule for their gaming time. This will allow him or her to set up a specific time of day dedicated to their favorite hobby. Once a schedule has been put into place, then the two of you can go about planning dates and time for hanging out.

Gaming Isn’t a Bad Thing
Gaming can actually be a very good thing for people needing a way to release tension, explore their creativity, and meet virtual friends. It can also help them with creating and achieving goals, developing time management skills, and learning business skills. Gaming can be a very good and healthy activity, if done right. Trying to convince your partner that gaming is a bad thing will only push them away from you. Try to focus on the good aspects of gaming and try to understand what it is that your partner might be gaining by spending time gaming.

Two Can Game
Instead of trying to convince your partner to give up gaming, why not try to game with them? Don’t like a game they play? Why not try to find a game that you think you will enjoy and that you can both play together? There are numerous genres of games available on the market, that nearly everyone can find a game that they would enjoy. Mix it up by trying a shooter game, a multi-media online game, a role playing table-top game, a high fantasy video game, and others to try to figure out what game you both can enjoy playing together.

Discovering that your partner is a gamer doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker in the relationship. With understanding, compromise, and willingness to try new things, a gamer and a non-gamer can have a very fulfilling and fun relationship.