4 Signs You’re A Trophy Girlfriend

There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful woman, but when a man is with you for that reason alone, there is a problem with the relationship. Relationships are not built on the attractiveness of the partners. Here are four signs that you might be a trophy girlfriend.

  1. He changes his profile picture to a photo of you

It’s cute if your boyfriend makes his profile picture one of you as a couple. If he rushes to changes his profile picture one of you alone, this is an indication that you are a trophy girlfriend. He is doing this to make sure everyone on his friends list is sure to see the beautiful woman he’s with.

  1. He brags to his friends about how you always get hit on

If your boyfriend thinks it’s awesome that you’re always getting hit on, this could be a sign you are a trophy girlfriend. It boosts his ego to know that many men want you, but that you’re with him. He gets to be the envy of his friends and the other men who want to be seen with you.

  1. You’re always going on group dates

If you no longer have dates alone with your boyfriend because he opts for group dates, especially with his friends, he could be trying to show you off. While it’s nice that you get to spend time with his friends and get to know them better, if he never wants to do group dates with your friends, this could be because you’re his trophy girlfriend.

  1. He reminds you to dress nicely

If you’re a trophy girlfriend, your boyfriend will always want you looking your best. He’ll encourage you to wear the dress that shows off your figure, get your hair done, or take the day off work to have a spa day. The last thing he wants is for you to let yourself go, so he may even offer to pay for new clothes, accessories, and other beauty requirements.

Being a trophy girlfriend is all about looking good and impressing the friends, family, and acquaintances of the man you’re dating. There’s nothing dangerous about the situation, but it might mean he is more focused on your looks than getting to know you as a person.