5 Meaningful Ways to Show Gratitude in a Relationship

As you become more familiar with your partner, the frequency with which you show gratitude tends to decline. The good news is that you’ve either realized you aren’t communicating your appreciation as much as you should, or want to know how to express gratitude to your partner. Seeking out the answers puts you a step closer to solving the problem. To consistently implement the techniques you learn, and to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed, here are five simple ways to show gratitude in a relationship that will most likely strengthen your bond and boost your partner’s happiness.

Use the Word ‘Appreciate’

Saying “thank you” all the time becomes old, even if it’s polite. Switch it up by telling your significant other that you appreciate him. For example, if he’s working longer hours to cover living expenses, tell him something like “I really appreciate that you’re working longer hours to provide for our family. I want you to know how much it means to me and that your effort isn’t going unnoticed.” Follow up with giving your partner a tension-relieving massage or some other act to show your gratitude.

Don’t Forget the Adage ‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’

Verbally expressing your appreciation for your lover is only half of the equation. The other half is to show it through actions. Give your partner a massage. Take him out on a date. Bake his favorite dessert. Showing gratitude through actions is great to do when your partner has done something that makes you happy. Every once in a while, though, surprise your partner by doing it for no reason other than to express your love.

Praise Your Partner Publicly as Well as Privately

Praise your partner for his accomplishments not only when you’re alone with him but when you’re surrounded by others as well. To praise him publicly, you don’t have to stand at a podium and announce to everyone how proud you are of your man. While out in public, don’t be afraid to compliment your partner. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or overheard by anyone, yet your partner will feel elated to hear kind words while in the presence of others. Praise given when others could potentially overhear indicates you’re proud of your partner, rather than embarrassed.

Include Your Partner in Your Successes

Whenever you succeed at something or achieve a milestone, thank your partner for the supportive role he played in helping you accomplish your goal. He most likely helped in some way, whether it was by temporarily handling more chores, giving you pep talks, or encouraging you to continue during those dark moments you wanted to give up. Think about it, and you’ll realize just how significant your lover is.

Keep Saying ‘Thank You’

Maybe the first few (or hundred) times your boyfriend held the door open you thanked him. By now you’re so used to him opening doors for you that you forget to say “thank you.” However, the small things count. Start thanking your partner again for his kind acts both large and small.

Merely feeling grateful for your partner is not enough. You must show that gratitude via words and actions to keep your partner happy with the relationship. No one likes to feel unappreciated. Practice the five tips above until they transform into habits, in order to enjoy a closer and happier relationship with your significant other.