Filipino Family in Canada Discovers ‘Ordinary’ Heirloom Is Actually a $90M Giant Pearl

The stone has been sitting in their home for years, while the family never knew its true value until today.

Abraham Reyes and his family always had a “tooth-shaped” stone in the home for as long as they can remember. It was very smooth and strange, but the family never thought anything special of it. According to Abraham’s grandfather, he purchased the “stone” from a fisherman in Palawan, Philippines back in 1959, and has kept the the stone throughout all these years. Abraham only learned of the stone’s true value today–and he never expected the numbers to be this big!

Photo The Giga Pearl

Apparently, the stone turned out to be a giant pearl which is currently valued at $90 million (Php4.73 billion)! The Reyes family, currently based at Ontario, Canada, was surprised to learn that what they thought was just an ordinary stone, turned out to be one of the most expensive “gems” in the world. According to Abraham, they never thought the heirloom to be a pearl because of its shape, thus leaving the family oblivious of the treasure they had for so long. They learned of its value after Abraham appraised at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City.

Photo The Giga Pearl

The giant pearl, which weighed a whopping 27.65 kg, was just a few kilos shy of the largest known pearl in the world, a 34-kg Pearl of Puerto Princesa in 2016. However, the Reyes family heirloom easily surpassed the Lao Tzu giant pearl (weighing 6.4kg), which has been the largest giant pearl in the world since 1939. Coincidentally, the Lao Tzu pearl was found in Palawan, Philippines as well.

Photo The Giga Pearl

After learning of his family heirloom’s value, Abraham named it as the ‘Giga Pearl’ before commissioning an octopus-shaped holder made from 22-carat gold.

Source(s) Dia Designs CTV News