A Marvel Superheroes Inspired Shoes Is Now Today’s Hype On Social Media And Local Stores

The success of Marvel Studio’s movie Avengers: Endgame is really all over the world. As part of it the hype is still on the top and with that many online stores and local physical stores are also selling stuffs pertaining to Avengers.

One of those are the Marvel Superheroes inspired shoes.

Yet a Facebook post went viral as EIIE Online Store posted photos of different shoes inspired by Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Gamora, Black Widow, Nebula and Thanos.

Photo via EIIE Online Store

Many netizens were amazed by this and hope that Nike or Adidas will also release this kind of shoes.

Yet on the other hand, Vans releases their own version of Marvel Superheroes inspired shoes.

Photo via EIIE Online Store

A lot of different reactions were seen online. Some finds it very cute but some were disappointed with the designs. Below are some of the comments of the netizens,

“To wear these you must be the strongest… I love the shoes inspired by Thor.”

“From the number of likes.. you can tell this design (Black Panther–inspired shoes) is the most beautiful of them all. I so would LOVE this pair!!! Wakanda Forever!!”

Photo via EIIE Online Store

“I LOVE THIS OMG (Black Widow–inspired shoes. I want thisss mami!!!! I also really love the character of Black Widow…”

“I love the Thanos shoes! There’s infinity stones at the bottom! Nice trainers love the colour purple ones but I do like some of the other choices on here.”

Photo via EIIE Online Store

“Honestly I like Nebula’s the best but they all tight.”

According to the post, these shoes were made by Nike yet these are not for sale. How sad because many are really hoping that Nike will sell something like this as well. Many are really in love in this shoes and still Marvel Superheroes hype is on the top!