A Mom Helped Her Daughter After Seeing Her Working Alone Despite of Many Customers in a Fast Food Chain

A post from Facebook got viral when a girl named, Rubie Lyn Mendoza shared her sisters situation while working on a fast food chain.

The the caption of her post goes like this:

“I have a working student sister then we decided to eat sa store nila sa Mcdonalds navotas pra din bisitahin sya hahaha then pagdating namin sabe nya isa lng daw syang nakaduty na crew sa lobby eh daming customer haha pag kaorder ko ng food nmin gulat ako si Mama nag bubuss out na din 😂👏👌#ProudDaughterHere 😍😘”

You can clearly see on the photo that their mother do clean tables as well just to help her daughter on her work. The daughter said that she is just alone on her shift that day. Yet there are so many customers that time, that is why our mother decided to help.

 Photo credits to Rubie Lyn Mendoza

Photo credits to Rubie Lyn Mendoza

Different reactions were posted on social media as well.

“sana may rules nadin tayo sa pinas na Clean AS YOU go.”

“sang dakilng ina ka po..saludo sau mother..”

“sa japan mga costumer mismo naglilinis ng kinainan nila at may tapunan din . Sana meron narin sa pinas para madisiplina din tayo sa kalinisan .”

Photo credits to Rubie Lyn Mendoza

CLAYGO is a very simple rule to follow if it will be push through here in the Philippines. Different establishments with food in it is practicing this. Maybe it is not hard if we can also implement it on fast food chains. This is not to lessen the number of employees but to help each Filipinos to be responsible on their trash. They can absolutely imply it even their out, traveling or in a certain place where trash bins are not available.  May this be a lesson to everybody that we should take responsibility on our actions even our trashes.

Photo credits to Rubie Lyn Mendoza