A Son Of a Housemaid and “Tanod” Was Told To Study In TESDA But Still Completes College Degree

Being a housemaid and a “Barangay Tanod” here in the Philippine is indeed a very respectful job. Yet because of the amount of the salary they are getting, they sometimes cannot afford to send their children into college or in the school.

Yet this parents, still wants their son to have a proper work after studying that is why knowing that they can’t send him to college to earn a full degree, the parents of Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense told him to study in TESDA or perhaps just quit school. TESDA is The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority serves as the Philippines’ Technical Vocational Education and Training authority. As a government agency, TESDA is tasked to both manage and supervise the Philippines’ Technical Education and Skills Development.

Yet despite of poverty this young man  had big dreams and he didn’t follow his parents’ advice – and he would actually fulfill his dreams of completing a college degree!

Photo credits to Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense’s Facebook

While there’s nothing wrong with just completing a TESDA course, a lot of young people hope they could really earn a college degree, not just a TESDA diploma.

For this young man named Jhonrick, a TESDA diploma was alright but he wished to earn a degree and find a good job to support his family.

Photo credits to Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense’s Facebook

Even though their lives is not that comfortable, he still chose to enroll in college. After four years, Jhonrick is now a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and he is not just a graduate but he also graduated as a Cum Laude.

This is not to boast my achievements. Rather, I am posting this to inspire and motivate everyone who think they can’t. Always think that financial constraints is not an excuse. Just like you. I am an ordinary person but I chose to do things extraordinary. A friendly reminder that poverty is never a hindrance to success and anything you aspire and dream of will always be possible with faith,” Jhonrick explained.

Photo credits to Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense’s Facebook

May this young man be an inspiration to everyone to never give up on your dreams and may we never think that poverty will always be a hindrance for us to have a proper education.