Adorable Dad Patiently Waits for His Son to Come Home from School Since He ‘Barely’ Sees Them

He misses his children as he barely sees them despite living in the same house.

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented. As seen in many Filipino homes, children would continue to live with their parents and take care of them until they grow old. It is a very common practice, showing how love for family is something present and prominent in Filipino homes. However, there are times when children get too busy that they barely notice their parents who are at home most of the time. One student took notice after seeing his dad waiting for him in front of their house, and the pictures definitely touched the hearts of many netizens.

Nangungulilang Ama, Inaabangan sa Pag-Uwi Galing Eskwelahan ang mga Anak

According to Markgil Espana, he was surprised to see his dad waiting for him in front of their house as soon as he alighted from the jeep. “Oh pa! ano ginagawa mo dito,” he asks his father, who just sat there waiting for him. “Hinihintay kita. Namimiss ko na kasi kayong mga anak ko. Uuwi kayo ng bahay galing school at trabaho ako naman tulog na. Gigising ako ng umaga tapos kayo naman nakaalis na,” his dad replied.

Apparently, he barely sees his children, who were all busy with work and school. According to him, he misses his children as they have all gone to school and work as soon as he wakes up, and is already asleep when they arrive home. Though they stay in the same house, he sees them less and less. So to be able to see his son, he made it a point to wait for him to come home.

The father’s act of love for his son touched the hearts of many. Some netizens expressed how they miss their own parents who either have passed away already, or are far away from them. At the end of the day, parents are the only ones who will never leave your side, or put you down. Always remember to take care and love your parents no matter how old you get!