Mga ‘Tips’ Para sa Viral Mobile Game na ‘Adorable Home’, Nilabas para sa mga Manlalaro

Have you tried the app yet?

After Pokemon Go made waves across the globe, yet another game is now taking the internet by storm. Adorable Home, a life simulator game/app produced by Mexican company hyperbeard, is where users are able to replicate a home life with a partner and pet cats–because who doesn’t love cats, right? Thousands of Filipino users are now into the game, with many posting their experiences in game via Twitter with the hashtag #AdorableHomePH. What is the game/app about anyway?

IF you are a fan of Sims, love adorable and furry pets like cats and dogs, and wish to have a virtual partner to cook for, this game is perfect for you. Everything you do for your partner and your pets is paid with “love”, which you can use to unlock certain new parts in the game. “Gather enough love and unlock new areas like the Garden where you can gather love from woodland creatures that come to visit your adorable home,” the game description read.

The game appealed to many Filipinos, with users claiming the app to be addicting, but very simple and easy to use. “I think the simplicity of Adorable Home is what’s making it such a hit. You have tons of animals, a lovely home, constant income and a loving partner. We all look for the calm in this chaotic world and I guess Adorable Home did such a great job illustrating that,” one Twitter user said.

However, parents are warned that no matter how adorable the pets may look like, the game is not for children below 13, as some content in the game may not be suitable for that age range. “This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13,” the description added.

After the app went viral, Mexican gaming company Hyperbeard took notice of the hashtag, and thanked many Filipinos for their continuous patronage. But like every other game, there are “secret” ways to level up fast, or do things easier. Here are a few “hacks” for Adorable Home users out there!

Instead of swiping or slashing the nail of your cat, you can just tap it.

To get more ‘love’ tap both gray and yellow buttons at the same time after completing each task.

Invest your love on buying more cats. More cats more love

Choose dried fishes over other food options to gain more love from your cats

Save up to buy a garden this will attract more visitors to your home.