Tuluyan ng Nag-resign Bilang Manager Ng Ex-Batallion Si Aiai Delas Alas

The Comedy Queen, Ai-Ai delas Alas recently announced that she already quit as Ex Battallion’s manager. This happened last May 15, 2019 during a press-conference. We can remember that Aiai allowed herself to help the group starting last March 2018. She’s managing the group for 1 year and 2 months now.

Photo Ai Ai Delas Alas

Aiai helped them to have more shows, their professional fee also increased and  they were able to have shows also even outside the country. She even became their second mother who always give them advice in their journey in showbiz.

Photo Ai Ai Delas Alas

Yet everything will always have an ending.

She said that she could no longer take the group’s ways of not being professional and does not want to be involved in their troubles. The Comedy Queen also exposed some scenarios where the group showed an improper attitude towards work.

Screenshot from Youtube

She clarified that there are also some of them who are professional yet there are really some who are very hard headed. She even mentioned that sometimes this group do not follow her and most of the time making her really stressed, even the production and their road manager.

According to her, the famous hip hop group were fond of not showing up in their shows. Some of them even left the group without notice. There are also part of the group who are accepting projects without their consent.

Screenshot from Youtube

Ai Ai disclosed the reaction of his husband, Gerald Sibayan, to all the stress that she got from managing the said group.

That is why when the movie they are making was finally done, she decided to really push thru with the resignation. She’s been stressed for almost 14 months and for he maybe it is the time to say “ENOUGH” already.

We all know how talented Ex-Battalion is but there are still more talented artists than them. Being not professional and disobedient in the management of a certain artist is not a good impression and this is what Ex-Batallion just did. It is very sad to know these facts about them. Now, let’s just see what will happen next to the said group.