Angry Passenger Demanded A Worker To Kneel Down And Apologize for Delayed Flight

  • Angry Passenger Demanded A Worker To Kneel Down And Apologize for Delayed Flight
  • Lalaki Nagalit at Nag Demand Na Lumuhod Ang Isang Empleyado Dahil Sa Delayed Flight

Delayed flights can really be very frustrating and stressful. Some passengers encounter it most of the time. Yet we cannot stop things cause by the bad weather especially when it comes to traveling.

But one passenger refused to accept that – and he demanded for the airline crew to kneel and apologize for the flight delay, even if the ground staff had repeatedly explained that bad weather was causing the problem. This passenger in China decided to take his frustration with a delayed flight to the next level.

The late flight in question was from Zhengzhou, in Henan province, to Shenzhen, in southern China.

In footage shared on Chinese social network Weibo, the frustrated passenger is seen saying: “Apologize to us. Kneel.

“You should kneel to apologize to us. Do you know? You are the representative of your company. Kneeling shows sincerity.”

The still unidentified male passenger had booked a flight on West Air; a Chinese budget airline affiliated with the country’s largest private airline, Hainan Airlines Group. He was supposed to fly from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen but the flight was experiencing delays due to bad weather.

In response, the airline employee says: “I am a member of staff. I do carry out my responsibilities. But there is no need for you to humiliate me.”

The passenger then said: “It’s not humiliation. You must represent your company and apologize to us.”

Yet apart from everything that is happening that moment, other passengers sided with the ground crew, however; they urged him to calm down because the delay was really no one’s fault.

The airline is just protecting their passengers due to bad weather yet some really can’t understand. I hope that in this instance we as passengers, must first know the root of the problem before reacting to something bad especially when it includes humiliating someone.