Pilipinas Tampok sa Ginawang Anime Character ng Japan Para sa Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Olympics 2020 is coming and a lot of us is very excited about this since we all have our favorite sports to watch. As part of it, World-flags.org, a Japanese website promoting the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics, has added the Philippines in its roster of anthropomorphized flags, many of them clad in samurai armor.

They made this to advertise the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics that will be held in Tokyo on July 24 to August 9, 2020.

Photo world-flags.org

They used a “gijinka” or an art wherein you’ll have to give identity through certain things, concepts or even events. They call it as Anthropomorphism in English.

The “gijinka” version of the Philippines was named as “Rizal”. He is wearing an armor of a Samurai that they called as “Maharurika” (Maharlika). Clad in white, red and blue armor, engraved with three-star motifs and the sun, Rizal holds a rifle in one hand and a fan that conjures the heat of the sun in another.

The description of the World Flag at this anthropomorphized version of the Philippine flag, Rizal is:

“Kung sino ang tahimik, siya ang mapanganib.”

(The silent ones are also the most deadly.)

Photo world-flags.org

The World-flags website has a brief write up on Philippine history, written in Japanese, so that people may get to know the countries that would compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Other ASEAN countries that have had their flags personified are Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Photo world-flags.org

World-flags have also created characters for the flags of Scandinavian countries and the Group of 20 countries, with more designs coming soon.

This made many Filipinos more excited about the coming Olympics since many athletes from the Philippines are competing. They need our full support in this fight and journey.

On the other hand, Japan really never fails when it comes to Anime. They have such an amazing way of showing Philippine flag in the said piece of art.

Source(s) Twitter WorldFlagsOrg