Ariana Grade Sinorpresa Ang TNT Boys sa “The Late Show with James Corden”

“Nothing is impossible”, we can here this most of the times. This is mostly says by lots of dreamers all over the world. TNT Boys of the Philippines is just a perfect example of this. This is because last February 20, 2018 they were able to meet Arianda Grande. Indeed a dream come true for this young singers of the Philippines. The surprised visit happene at “The Late Show with James Corden” while the boys were performing.

We can see on the video released by the social media pages of  the British host, James Corden, that surprisingly Ariana Grande appeared at the back of the TNT Boys while they are singing. This group of young boys are composed of Keifer Sanchez, Mackie Empuerto, at Francis Concepcion. They were invited to sing on the said show to make people happy yet without them knowing they will be more than happy when their idol entered the stage and sing with them.

“My favorite thing about meeting you guys was when you had just performed on stage and there was a commercial break and I came over, and I came to meet you, Francis, and you went like this… ‘Oh my God, oh my God’. I was like, I thought ‘I’m huge in the Philippines, I’ve got all these fans’… And I went ‘hi’ and your first words were, ‘You’ve met Ariana Grande,’” this is base on Corden story while he is talking with the boys.

While Concepcion answered that “Ariana Grande is my favorite singer. I love Ariana Grande’s voice and I love her attitude”.

Without them knowing that the singer is just on the back stage watching them. The moment they started singing everyone on the stage was very amazed by the talent of this boys. After a while, Ariana went out of the backstage. The boys was surprised and can’t even sing properly because of so much excitement.

Ariana Grande also says that she is obsessed with the group because they are all incredible. They even had a meet and greet at the backstage.

“Nothing is impossible.” This is indeed true.