Babae Na Pumunta Sa Kapitbahay Para Mag Tsimis Naipit Sa Gate Sa Loob Ng Limang Oras

We all know that gossiping around is never right. Most especially if we are talking bad behind other’s back. This kind of action is not something we need to tolerate in every way.

Yet, still there are so many people who still love to gossips around. Being said a post of Radio La Roca FM 103.9 went viral as they shared a photo of woman screwed up beyond bars of her neighbor’s gate.

The girl is from La Virginia, Colombia. She had been screwed up for five long hours. Imagine how long a sad number of hours was that.

According to the report, the girl just took a glimpse at her neighbor’s house to check if it is already home or not but the saddest part happened.

We cannot really say that this girl is about gossip, maybe she has something very important to tell. Yet she got screwed up. What a sad life this to her.

It went viral and many people saw it and commented on the said post,

“c ate kc dna,lng nanahamik sa bahay nila….ayannn tuloyyyy…”

“tsismis pa more.”

“Aba matinde”

Many netizens made fun of the said post and because on what happened to the girl.

On the other hand, if she meant to gossip, indeed it will be the best lesson for her to stop it.

For people who are planning to do the same, you can see what will happen to you if you spread negative vibes all over. Most especially if you gossip behind the back of others and if you spread fake news.

I hope this may be a lesson to many that gossiping is never good. I hope we stop it and just focus on positive things in our lives.

Have you witnessed something like this? What is your own opinion on this kind of matter?