Nakakaaliw na pag-edit sa mga Senatorial Candidates, Ikinatuwa ng mga Netizens

Election 2019 just ended last May 13, 2019. The said elections was intended for Senators and Local Government Units in our Municipality. As part of it faces of every candidates were in so many banners, flyers and advertisements most especially for Senatorial Candidates.

Yet being a Filipino who loves to laugh, a Facebook post went viral as it released a photos of different senatorial candidates on their child-like face form. It was uploaded just recently but it already have a total of almost 23k different reactions, 148k shares and 9.9k comments. Many people in Facebook find it very funny and interesting at the same time.

Imagine your favorite Senator looking like 50, 40 or 30 years ago. Isn’t all of them are cute?

Some of the cute Senators on the  post were:

Photo Nonoy Arendain

Photo Nonoy Arendain

What can you say about their looks way back when their are still a little kid? Some looks so cute yet some looks s funny.

Photo Nonoy Arendain

Many find it very funny tho. Here are some of the comments from the post:

“syempre ang 8 detetso + dr willie ing cla ang mga cute hanging ngaun ha.ha ha””

“Paano ginawa to..
gusto ko rin to ..kahit bumata lang ako sa pic haha

“InPerniS SI,Poe,cayetano,binay, ug Mar,cute pag baby,,”

Who would have thought that your favorite Senator will look like this. You can check it at this post as well to see the different senators as well. Being said that the election was just done. Who’s your bet among all of them? Might give us your answer.