“Bangag Moment” ng Isang Pasahero ng Taxi, Malalaman mo Kung Bakit Mahalaga ang Rest Day

For those who are frequently riding a taxi, you must already know how much you will pay because you are familiarized with the fare, the distance, and traffic of travel. If you saw an offense, it’s either you report it to the proper authority or post it on your social media.

But in the case of this passenger who posts on her social media, a “bangag” moment had happened between her and a taxi driver.

Photo via Bea Costales

On her Facebook post, Bea Costales shared her experience with a taxi driver. She was heading home when she rode a taxi from Eastwood. After a sudden, she was alarmed that the what she assumed a taxi meter shows 91.55 is already ₱91.55. When she called the attention of the driver to ask why her fare is already ₱91.55 even if she has just ridden the taxi.

Photo via Bea Costales

The taxi driver reacted and said that it is not the taxi meter but a radio which 91.55 is a radio station and pointed out that the taxi meter is below the radio and it shows ₱61.50. The rider apologizes and said she just tired. But another “bangag” moment happened when she said she might send a report to MTRCB. The driver, again, corrected the rider that it’s LTFRB.

Some of her friends reacted and commented she took a taxi. She replied that it’s too expensive to ride Grab because it cost ₱280.

In this FB post, you will realize how a rest day is important to each employee.