Broadway Actor and A Half Filipino To Host The Iconic 90’s Kids Show Blue’s Clues

The show follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue as she leaves a trail of clues/paw prints for the host and the viewers, in order to figure out her plans for the day. This is Blue’s Clues and it is coming back; this time, with a new name and a new host!

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Filipino-American broadway actor Joshua dela Cruz was tapped to be Blue’s new pal in the 90’s kids show, which will be called “Blue’s Clues & You.”

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The said host was personally chosen by Steve Burns, the original host of the hit Nickelodeon show. In an interview, Burns said Dela Cruz is the perfect guy for the job; saying he was phenomenal from day one.

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“It’s technically demanding, and it requires incredible strength of imagination. And that’s something I think Josh brings to this that’s so important. Imagination and authenticity — those are the two major requisites for the role, and he has them big time,”

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Burns told on one his interviews regarding the new host of the show.

Dela Cruz, on the other hand, said his happines is over the moon for the opportunity to be part of the iconic educational show, which ran from 1996 to 2006. According to him,

“It’s a wild wild dream,”

“One day I’ll wake up. I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon because this is amazing. To be part of such iconic show.”

The show will start filming this summer and Dela Cruz is set to appear in 20 episodes of the show.

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For those who don’t know, Dela Cruz is a 30-year-old actor has been part of Disney’s “Aladdin” Broadway show, of David Byrne’s “Here Lies Love” and “Encores! Merrily We Roll Along.”

Another Philippine pride is now capturing the international industry. 90’s kids out there, Blue’s Clues is coming back.