Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company Closed Its Honesty System Due to 30% Not Paying Passengers

A Philippine bus company named Green Fod Hybrid stopped its honesty scheme after discovering that a portion of its customers “did not pay their fare.”

They announced on their Facebook page that they will revert to the more traditional conductor fare collection system after 30 percent of its customers failed to pay their respective fares.

It also said the system “did not work,” given the number of people who have not paid.

Photo Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company

The said post goes like this:

SERVICE UPDATE: End of Honesty System. We are disappointed to see that the honesty system did not work. We applaud the 70% that paid their fare. BUT what killed it was 30% of the passengers did not pay their fare. We are returning to the conductor fare collection system again.

The company only started with the honesty scheme on March 11, giving customers an option to either tap their payment cards or drop the payment upon entering.

Its buses serviced areas in SM Mall of Asia-C5 Buting via Macapagal Buendia Avenue, and Kalayaan Avenue.

Photo Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company

Many Filipinos shed out their opinions on the this decision of the said bus company. Here are some of the comments:

“This is why we don’t deserve nice things. Tsk.”

“I bet those dishonest people will just spend their money on Starbucks and cigarettes! I hate these pseudo educated people!!!”

” You are too good for this country.”

“Some places and society got conditioned to be third world for too long. Risky but thanks hopefully you’re not the last one to try.”

“If this was done in Metro Manila, I guess it’s the worst place to try…”

This sadden a lot of Filipinos who are really trying their best to be fair on this kind of matter. It also said to feel that we don’t deserve this kind of goodness here in our country. How can others really change if they can start on small ways, right? This is really sad but this is a lesson to each and everyone of us.

Anyways, have you experienced the bus? How was it?