Cute Cat Begs for Food from Diners in the Politest and Most Adorable Manner

Instead of getting on their table and taking whatever food the cat can, it simply sat in front of the diner and waited for him to give food.

Many people love cats and dogs as they can be very comforting and sweet to humans. As a matter of fact, dogs and cats have always been around to help humans for years. They have been used to comfort mentally and emotionally sick people, sniff out drugs in public places, and even guide disabled and blind people. However, pets can turn into pests once they get familiar with everything in the human family’s home.

Natuwa ang mga Netizens sa Pusang ‘Nanlilimos’ ng Pagkain sa Isang Karinderya 

Cats and dogs tend to get hungry all the time, especially when they are used to being fed large amounts of food. And when these pets see food on the table, the often take whatever they can, however they can. This is one reason why many people train their pets to be obedient and well-behaved, and not take food from the table or anywhere else aside from their own food bowl.

Photo Thai For You News

Photo Thai For You News

But as seen in the following video, cats don’t need to be trained by humans to be well-behaved. In the short video, a hungry cat be seen siting beside a man dining at an eatery. Instead of grabbing food from them, the cat patiently sat there and waited for the man to give him food.

Photo Thai For You News

After the man fed him, the cat obviously wanted more. But instead of jumping on the table, the cat simply extended his paw and touched the man gently, as if asking for more food! The man, seeing how adorable and sweet the cat was being to him, gave another bite of food which the cat ate in just a few seconds.

Many netizens were amused by the cat’s actions, especially when he was collarless and nobody owned him.