Isang Chinese na Amo at Anak Nito ang Nakitang Umiiyak Dahil sa Pag-alis ng Yaya Nilang Pinay

The little girl cries as her beloved yaya carries and hugs her in an attempt to comfort her.

Many Filipinos try their luck by working abroad in hopes to improve their family’s lives in the Philippines. Overseas Filipino Workers, or OFWs, leave their own families to take care of other children; they leave a life of ease and go to other countries with uncertainty; and the saddest part is that many domestic helpers are being abused by their employers abroad.

Courtesy OFW PH

But while many domestic helpers suffer physical and sexual abuse from their employers, there are lucky ones who get to experience a more friendly and familial environment under their employers. In contrast to the stigma that many foreign employers are abusive and rude, this recent viral video proved that there are still good and loving employers out there.

Courtesy OFW PH

In the viral video, the Filipina housemaid or “yaya” can be seen carrying a little girl who was crying as her yaya was bidding her farewell. The beloved yaya holds onto the little child and was trying to comfort her as she doesn’t stop crying, knowing that her yaya will be leaving soon. Many netizens were touched as they saw that just like the little child, her mother was also in tears, as she was trying to comfort her child as well.

Courtesy OFW PH

Touched by how her employers are hurt in seeing her leave, the Filipina domestic helper can’t help but be moved to tears too.

Some netizens became emotional after seeing the video, citing how lucky both the employer and employee were as they had each other. It was obvious that they developed an unbreakable bond that only family and friends share. The emotional video went viral and has reached 8,145 shares, 14,000 reactions, and tons of comments as of this article’s writing.