Kilalanin ang ‘Clover’, ang Pinakaunang Filipina Girl Group na Binuo ng Isang Korean Label

Are you ready for them?

Korean pop culture has definitely taken over the world, especially after ‘Gangnam Style’ went up on almost every top 10 list in the world a few years back. The funky, upbeat music style has caught the world by the ears and more people are listening to Kpop by the day. However, what many do not realize is that Kpop stars aren’t confined to Koreans alone. There are a lot of interracial Kpop groups who have gone popular in the past, and there is no reason for more groups to pop up in the future.

Several groups like 2PM and Blackpink have Thai members, while there are groups like EXP Edition who have all-American members. And since many Filipinos actually love Korean music, isn’t it time for an all Filipino group for once? Yes, the time has come! Meet ‘Clover’, a girl group formed by Korean label ‘KP Entertainment’–and they are all Filipina. The groups is comprised of four members: Jade, Mia, L.A., and Yuni. Just like other Korean pop groups, they have a leader, a rapper, and a lead singer. Jade is currently their leader, with Mia and L.A. both as rappers, and Yuni, who is the main vocal.

The group is soon to release their first single, “Kumakabog-kabog” (Pounding Heart);(맘이맘이), which is to come out on March 20. Watch their teaser below:

Before they are officially launched, the group has already created a fandom from their famous dance covers of famous Kpop groups on YouTube and social media. One cover that has caught the eyes of many is their cover of Kara’s Mamma Mia. Take a look at their cover and see how talented these girls are!