Korean Drama ‘Crash Landing On You’ Tops Charts for Most Watched on Netflix in the Philippines

Warning: Spoiler alert.

Streaming giant Netflix has added a new feature to their site, showing the ranking of each drama in your country. With this, users can see which movies are hot in their area, and which are least watched and viewed. This makes it easier for many users to look for and choose new movies and series to watch. Are you curious as to what is hot and what is not in your country? Check your Netflix homepage and see what poppin’!

Aside from showing the top ten shows in your country, it also shows a list of the top 10 similar shows to what you are currently watching. In the Philippines where many FIlipinos enjoy watching Korean dramas and movies like “Goblin” and “Train to Busan”, it is no surprise that another Korean drama is taking over their screens. Korean drama series “Crash Landing on You” has been listed to be the most watched and viewed show by the Filipinos, and everyone understands why.

The story revolves around a South Korean woman accidentally landing on North Korean soil, where she meets a soldier, and later falls in love with him. The woman (Son Ye Yejin), comes from a very rich family and is used to the luxury of having everything and anything she wants. Captain Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin) on the other hand, has led a life of simplicity and humility. When  they come together, they both learn about each other’s country and see that they are actually no different, especially when it comes to love.

Though it took them years before they can finally be together, their heartwarming reunion and the show’s ending has left many Filipinos wanting for more. However, the show isn’t all rainbows and butterflies, especially when one of the favorite characters dies in the show. Who, you ask? Watch the show and see why it has topped charts!