Isang Lalaki Ang Gumawa Ng Paraan Para Maisama Ang Girlfriend Sa Party

People can’t believe what he’s done to bring her girlfriend’s presence in the acquaintance party.

We know that people don’t have it as easy as ordinary couples but there really are some with no ordinary love that would take extra measures to show their love. Like Kim Miguel R. Reyes, a guy who made a DIY cutout of a cardboard and printed his girlfriend’s whole body picture to make a 2D-Mannequin model out of it. I bet everyone thought of him as crazy because of this idea but I guess nothing will beat the power of love.

His girlfriend was not able to attend the acquaintance party so he thought of this crazy idea.

It started by printing all the pieces to complete the picture, here’s what it looks like.

After cutting all the unnecessary edges, here’s the complete photo, ready to be pasted on the cardboard.

Here he is, posing with the finished product he brought at the acquaintance party.

He even pretended to help her drink some water.

Not only that, aside from him. his friends also posted with the 2D-Mannequin.

Now for the ball dance, he holds it and happily looks at it while dancing.

Some people might have thought of him as a crazy guy or what not but some Netizens really appreciated and got inspired because of what he’s done.

Here are some of the responses:

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