Daniel Padilla Could Not Bear The Distance Anymore, Surprises Kathryn Bernardo at Hongkong

The King and Queen of Hearts are now together again. Looked like Daniel Padilla couldn’t bear the distance any longer.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla decided to fly to Hongkong to surprise and visit Kathryn Bernardo, who has been busy filming her first-ever movie with Alden Richards.

Their solid fans all rejoices as they saw stories posted on Instagram by Director Peewee Gonzales last April 20. They are all happy because of the touching moment of the couple.

Kathryn was seen entering the room and was obviously surprised when she saw Daniel in there. She was so happy to see her beau she clung to him until the video ends.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

It was such a beautiful moment for the two that the other people in the room just let them be.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

According to the director Daniel Padilla was really nervous for Kathryn’s arrival because she don’t know anything about it.

In one of his IG stories, Gonzales said,

“Actually hinihintay din ni DJ (Daniel) pagdating ni Kath para mapuntahan namin. So, ayun pagbukas ko ng door. Kagulo kami. Lakas ng kabog sa dibdib ni Daniel.

(Actually Daniel is also waiting for Kathryn’s arrival so that we can visit her. So when we opened the door, we all don’t know what we will do and even Daniel is really nervous.)

According to the director they tried to keep it a secret but it is really hard. That is why when they finally saw each other, it is such a big relief in their mind and heart. All feelings of being nervous turned into so much joy.

He also added that they felt “home” in each other’s arm.

The video of the real-life sweethearts sparked joy to their supporters on social media. Some couldn’t help but praise Daniel’s gesture; saying he has set the bar high for all the guys out there.

Most of their supporters were too happy they can’t help but wish Daniel and Kathryn could spend a longer time together in Hong Kong.

This is indeed true love. They will conquer everything just for each other.