Vice Ganda Was Accused of Copying Victor and Rolf’s Designed by This Instagram Account Named Diet Prada

The Filipino Comedian and TV host is known for his sense of fashion. He is one of the most talked about celebrity when it comes to fashion design. You can clearly see it through his posted photos on his account on Instagram.

Yet after all these fashion love thing he has, there is this Instagram account name Diet Prada who accused Vice Ganda that he copied a design from Victor and Rolf. Diet Prada is handled by Tony Liu at Lindsey Schuyler. In line with the said accusation, Victor and Rolf is a fashion house that specializes in making “conceptual at avant garde” designs. This was established during 1993 by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren.

Photo V & R

As said Diet Prada is an Instagram account and they were created to spot people who imitates or copies designs and. Last February 24, 2019 they made a story on Instagram showing the outfit of Vice Ganda along side with the said design from the 2019 Spring Collection for Viktor & Rolf.

Photo Diet_Prada

The caption of Diet Prada on the said photo goes likes this: “Filipino actor/singer/comedian Vice Ganda turning it out in some imitation @viktor&rolf couture … like he sentiment but what’s with the electrical tape execution.”

Align with that is another post comparing Vice Ganda’s head dress to Beyonce’s headress during Grammy Awards of 2017 wherein the said headress was made House of Malakai.

Viktor and Rolf couture

Another caption of Diet Prada goes like this: “But wait there’s more. Who could forget @beyonce’s iconic headdress by @houseofmalakai during her (pregnant) 2017 Grammy performance?

According to PEP the said outfits of Vice Ganda was worn last February 23, 2019 for It’s Showtime’s “Miss Q & A” Grand Finals at Araneta Coliseum.

What is your thoughts regarding this? Do you think Vice Ganda really imitates a design?