Masayang Ibinahagi Ng Isang Netizen Ang Litrato Ng Isang Tatay Na Hindi Naging Hadlang Ang Edad Para Ituloy Ang Pag-aaral

Education is very important. This is something we can always treasure until we get old. Yet some people lose the chance to study when they are still young because they have to work first. This is why there are working students or even students that are old yet they still prefer to study.

In line with that, this Facebook post of a netizen named, Juvelyn Capariño Basas went viral as she shared a photo of an old man in a photocopy shop. Being said, Juvelyn said that she salute this man. The reason is that because even though he is old and still working he even manages to go to school and study.

The said post says that,

“Saludo ako kay tatay :)”

(I salute dad :))

Photo credits to Juvelyn Capariño Basas

According to Juvelyn’s story, she was in a photocopy shop when she saw this man. He also lined up to photocopy some handouts. At first, she thought that maybe it is for his child but when she asked him, the handouts are really for him.

“Si tatay na nagaaral sa ICCT Education course niya at 4th year student na. Pintor sa umaga at studyante sa gabi. Nakakabilib pa kasi scholar si tatay ng CHED”

(Dad who is studying at her ICCT education course and 4th-year student. Morning Painter and student at night. Dad is still impressive because he is a scholar of CHED.)

Photo credits to Juvelyn Capariño Basas

It is really true that any age is not a hindrance if you want to finish your studies. It may take long years and sacrifices but if you really want what you are aiming, you succeed in it. This man is an inspiration to adults out there who do not yet finish in their studies and think that they can’t make it because of their age. May this be a way for your eyes to be open on every possibility.