Empleyadong Nag Mobile Games sa Oras ng Trabaho Binigyan Ng Babala Ng Isang Mayor

Mobile games are really everywhere. There are different mobile games being played by the Filipinos wherein they are really getting addicted into.

Naval, Biliran Mayor Gerard Roger Espina reminded municipal employees that public service should be their main focus during office hours and not mobile games. Espina issued a memo saying there have been reports that many workers are so busy playing mobile game, particularly Mobile Legends (ML) and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) during their work time. According to Municipal Mayor as well, Mobile Legends is known as a multi-player battle arena while PUBG is a third-person shooting game.

Photo HG

This action of the said mayor is really helpful for both ways. Workers can focus on their work and clients can get their needed documents faster.

On the memo sent, it was stated that, “Let it be known to all municipal employees that this act is not included in your responsibility, obligation, and duty as public servants.”

Photo Municipal Naval

The employees who will found guilty will terminated or dismissed from work. The mayor also addressed “suspected employees” to work as public servants and “’level up’ their maturity in the seriousness of public service or ‘squad up’ to find a new place of employment.”

This kind of memo is not usual to everybody but this is the right thing to do especially if things are getting worse. After the memo went viral, Mayor Espina thanked those who are “supporting good governance.”

Employees should learn how to be responsible on their work place. Playing mobile games is not bad but you should do it on a proper time and place. You cannot play all the time while working or even while studying. These things are just simple reminder to be responsible on our every actions.