Epic Live Performance of Avengers Theme Tune Inside The Cinema Before The Show Starts

Avengers: Endgame movie was shown to different cinemas all over the world for about one week now but the hype is still on. People are really all excited to watch the said movie.

As part of it, a video was posted Go Videos. The said video was about a two man who played the theme tune in the theater. They did this before Avengers movie started to show.

They did nailed their performance because they absolutely got the tune perfectly. The two boys used guitar and trumpet to play the tune of Avengers theme. Yet even though they only use those instruments to play the theme, they still did such an awesome performance.

Everyone will absolutely miss Avengers movie because it has been part of our lives for the past 10 years and everyone will not missed the chance to watch this movie.

As part of it, we only hope that there are no spoilers because Marvel’s whole team really did their 101% best to have such a marvelous movie.  We as fans, would just want to thank Marvel team for being able to give as such a great movies through every characters.

Salute to all Avengers!

As of now the said video gained 23k different reactions and 6.4k comments.