Estero de Magdalena sa Maynila Puno at Tambak na naman ng mga Basura

Estero de Magdalena is located at Claro M. Recto. According to every news, the said “estero” is now field with different trashes again.

This is after it was cleaned way back 2018 after a video of it was posted. You can see that on 2018 there are really different garbage all over Estero de Magdelena. As part of it, after the clean drive the said “estero” is now full of trash again.

Photo Philippine DENR

Last Satrurday, March 23, 2019 the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) together with the Manila officials had their meeting regarding the clean up drive that they will be doing for more than 200 “esteros” within the city of Manila. This is also part of the rehabilitation of Manila Bay.

The currently status of Estero de Magdalena is now posted on social media and it gained so many different reactions:

“Grabe naman… napakasalaula talaga ng mga tao! Hindi lilinis ‘yan hangga’t walang habas sa pagtatapon ng basura ang mga tao sa paligid nito. Kawawa naman si Mother Earth!”

(I can’t believe some people are really doing this! This place will never be clean if there are still people who will always throw their garbage here. Mother Earth is suffering.)

Photo Philippine DENR

“Hangga’t hindi nagbabago ng ugali ang mga tao at walang disiplina, hindi lilinis ‘yan. Dapat mga tao ang linisin eh.”

(Until people do not change their way of living and do not have any discipline this will never be clean. The people living around the area must be the one to clean it.)

“Sayang lang ang gastos ng gobyerno kung wala namang habas ang mga tao sa pagtatapon ng mga basura sa mga estero. Nagdudulot ng pagbaha iyan. Tapos kapag nasalanta naman, ngangawa–ngawa.”

(The money of the government will just turn into waste because people are just throwing garbage in the “estero”. It can cause flood then when they became affected by flood that is the moment they will put everything into action.)

Local officials of Manila allotted a bug budget for this clean up drive, It is said that the budget is around 50 million up to 252 million pesos. It is also said that the biggest fund was given to Metropolitan Manila Development Authority or MMDA that costs up to 1 Billion pesos.