Estudyante Na Absent Nag Trending Matapos Mag Post Ng Video Call Screenshot Habang Nasa Klase

Have you experience to be absent in class and just ask a favor to your friend to take a phot of the lecture for your reference? I bet a lot of us did that already. Yet a Facebook post of a netizen named Nathan Esguerra went viral as he posted a screen shot photo of his video call with his classmate Vince Catolico while on class.

This video call is not just a simple call because they are doing this in the class. Ask why? Instead of asking favor on taking picture of the lecture, the boy did just a video call to be able to see and hear the lesson on the actual time.

Photo Nathan Esguerra

The caption of the post says,

“Physically absent. Virtually present.

Woke up late. Thanks sa classmate ko. HAHA lupet

EDIT: Pumasok kayo as much as you can uy.”

Many netizens reacted to this post. Some even tagged their friends and classmates on the comment box of the post and says that,

“Kapag Absent, we know what to do na.”

“in case man absent kayo.”

Photo Nathan Esguerra

For some people they find it really funny but for some they find it a bad example for students to follow.

We must accept the fact that we need to go to school and doing a video call is not something very helpful when you are absent. As what one of the netizens says, it is very unfair to people who are going to school and doing their best to never miss a lesson.

I hope this post gave so much realization to every students on how important it is to go to school and listen to the lesson. Remember and always put in mind that education is very important to each and every one of us.  We must take it seriously because our parents are working hard for this kind of opportunity.