Isang Estudyante, Masipag Na Nagbebenta Ng Kape Sa Classroom Para Pambaon

A lot of us now cannot afford to go to school and some don’t even have enough money for their allowance. Yet I salute this young man who really do his best for him to be able to earn an allowance for himself.

We all experience that being in school is somewhat really tiring as well and hours of lecture and school work can easily drain a student’s energy. While others can spend for fancy coffee to keep them awake, a cup of instant coffee might also do the same trick.

Photo Courtesy Aldreen Pelobello Siplon

That i why a student has an ingenious way of earning money for his baon; at the same time keeping his classmates awake.

Photo Courtesy Aldreen Pelobello Siplon

This student is Gulapa Paulo, he is the man behind keeping his classmates awake at all times.

It was his classmate, Aldreen Pelobello Siplon who shared his photo on social media. You can see on that photo that Paulo is selling coffee inside the classroom. He has a big thermos of hot water with him. He also have styrofoam cups and sachets of instant coffee for his business. He even posted a signage outside their classroom stating that coffee is for sale inside.

On the Facebook post, the caption goes like this:

“Yung classmate mong may matinding pangangailan at the same time napupunan din ‘yung pangangailangan ninyo.”

(A classmate of us not is in need yet at the same time helping us in our time of needs.)

This you man’s creative way to sustain his needs is indeed a hit. His classmates enjoy the quick coffee jolt. He later on had to update his signage stating that he is “out of stock” for the day.

Photo Courtesy Aldreen Pelobello Siplon

Netizens also sees how inspiring Paulo is and commented the following:

 “Keep up the good work young man. No pain, no gain so they say. The future looks bright ahead for you. God bless you.”

“Inspiring and motivating for other friends and classmates. This is where entrepreneurship begins.”