Estudyante sa China Bumili Ng Isang Robot Para Gawin Ang Kanyang Homework

Teens nowadays are very different. Their generation is totally different from ours. That’s why it is not new if they will do something very new and shocking that will make their parents mad.

Photo CN Daily Feed

I am talking about this teen with an age of 15 year old. Thus girl’s dream of never having to do her homework again finally came true when she bought herself a robot to do it all for her. The said robot can copy your handwriting and do your homework for you! For sure many students will love this! Yet kidding aside, how much is this kind of robot?

Photo CN Daily Feed

This robot costs around $120 or more and this Chinese teen from Hangzhou splashed all of her Lunar New Year cash on the so-called copying robot in the hopes she could cut her workload down

It was stated that the teen was asked by a teacher to write some essays and copy some texts during the Lunar New Year holiday period yet this teen really do wants to enjoy the vacation. That’s why the Chinese teen decided to purchased a robot like this to help him/her with the writing job.

Photo CN Daily Feed

Photo CN Daily Feed

The machine’s packaging claimed it could “imitate all sorts of handwriting” and looked like a metal frame with a mechanical pen attached.

Yet this thing just happened quick because the teen’s mother discovered it and she smashed it in rage because of so much anger.

“It can help you with homework, but can it help you on tests?” Zhang asked her daughter.

Mothers out there, can you related? Even students and teens or kids can you say you have the same dilemma.

Maybe yes or maybe no but always remember that a victory is sweeter if you put so much effort in doing it. A robot, machine or anything else is not an answer for us to have good grades or to enjoy life.