“Everyday is a battle”, According to Volleyball Star Aby Marano Who Inspires Fellow Psoriaris Warriors

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes raised, red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. Psoriasis typically affects the outside of the elbows, knees or scalp, though it can appear on any location. Some people report that psoriasis is itchy, burns and stings.

This is not a simple skin disease that is why our very own Volleyball Star Aby Marano stood up against it.

According to her,

“I am Aby Maraño, I have psoriasis but psoriasis don’t have me.”

Photo credits to @abymarano

Marano, Tyang Aby to many, has been very vocal about her condition after being diagnosed this year; taking her thoughts to her social media accounts, telling people that  Psoriasis isn’t her end game, and that there’s more to life than wallowing in sadness and insecurities.

Since then, she became a voice for her fellow Psoriasis patients and a big inspiration to them as she continued with her life — playing at the pro-league and representing the country in international tournaments.

Photo credits to @abymarano

During her game last Aprill 11, 2019, she posted  a recent photo of her flaunting her patches on her body on her Instagram account. Like always, it came with an encouraging message.

During an interview she said that,

“I know most of Psoriasis patients don’t have the courage to show their skin. I heard some stopped going to school at ‘yung iba ayaw lumabas ng bahay. Sad, I know.There are times that I feel uncomfortable too but my confidence is greater than my insecurities. Hindi naman kami nakakahawa. Hindi rin ito sumpa.”

Photo credits to @abymarano

It seems scary to all people who can see it without any knowledge about it but Aby mentioned that this kind of disease is not contagious. She also wants to inspire people who has this kind of disease as well to stood up and never hide and stop on achieving their dreams.

She ended her with this message,

“Simple psoriasis might lead to psoriatic arthritis that may really affect my condition in playing and I definitely don’t want that to happen. So if you know someone who has Psoriasis like me, hug them they are not contagious. The only contagious is kindness.”