Edited na Photo ng Moling Falls: Paalala Sa Mga Tourists Na Maaaring Bumisita Sa Tinaguriang Moling Falls

Summer is really approaching and dipping in the cold water is such the best thing to do. That’s why beach, rivers and waterfalls are mostly the  topic this season. Lots of people are really looking for the best place to swim and relax.

H/T Dana Ymage Maniebo Peralta

One of the most trending waterfalls now is this “Moling Falls”. There is no specific place yet on where is this falls located base on the post of Dana Ymage Maniebo Peralta. The photo looks so inviting and very enticing. The water is really blue and clean, even the mountains at the back looks so beautiful and the whole are is just very neat. This is what you’ll really see when you saw the edited photo of the said place.

H/T Dana Ymage Maniebo Peralta

On the other hand, the original photo is very much different from the edited one.

H/T Dana Ymage Maniebo Peralta

This is an EXPECTATION vs. REALITY photo and also an issue on how we should handle and edit our photos. It is okay to edit yet we should always remember to not put something lie on what we are doing. It is fine to adjust lights and a lot of things but always remember to never remove the true image itself because it will make your photo very fake and not interesting as well.

As an editor, be aware of how you edit. Some edited photos can lead to something not right and not proper. It will give false hope and it will make your viewer expect on something that is not even real.

Yet the said place is indeed worth a visit after all. According to the tourists who have been there, the exact place looks like this:

Photo credits to Rafael Vergara Galvan

As you can see, compared to the Expectation vs. Reality photo, this one is the real one and it looks good and relaxing. It is not as beautiful as the edited one yet not as  dry as the compared photo as well. In this actual one you can see that the water is fine and place is really a perfect getaway if you want to dip in the middle of the hot summer season here in the Philippines. Plus the place is also a mountain bike trail so if you are into biking, this place is a perfect spot for you.

Take note, never judge a place base on photos you just see on social media. May this be a lesson to all.