Family in Ilocos Sur Gives Away Free Ripe Mangoes and Intends to Give More in the Next Weeks

Free mangoes in Ilocos!

It is summer time in the Philippines and tropical fruits are dropping prices once again. Cotton fruit (santol), mangoes, Spanish plum (sineguelas), and other fruits are available at this time of the year and many Filipinos love to indulge in them. These fruits are so abundant at this time of the year that prices go as low as more than a 200%. In the provinces, these fruits are very low in cost that it is almost given away for free.

Pamilya Namimigay ng mga Hinog na Mangga Sa Kung Sino Man ang Mapadaan sa Kanilang Bahay

In Salcedo, Ilocos Sur, a woman named Emmylou Arruejo Jomero and her family just harvested so many ripe mangoes that she decided to give most of it away instead. In a post on Facebook by page DWRS Commando Radio Global, pictures showing how the family put several mangoes in plastic bags and hung them outside their gate went viral.

The plastic bags are left out in the open for people passing by to see, together with a signage that read, “FREE”. According to the post, Jomero and her family intends to give away more in the coming weeks as the mangoes are already ripe and ready to be harvested. The post soon went viral, reaching thousands of users who were amazed and touched by the family’s generosity.

“Wow thats the true essence of sharing of blessings. God bless you more po for your kindness… and always be a blessings to others,” said Julieta Bariuan Rashid on the post.

Another netizen, Mabz Alejandre, said: “God bless your family., more blessings to come and i admire your generosity and kindness.”

As of this article’s writing, the said Facebook post has reached 1.8k comments, 4.5k shares, and a whopping 19k reactions from netizens who felt inspired and moved by their generosity and selflessness. Hopefully more people follow their footsteps and give to those in need!