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A Dad is always his daughter’s first love.

Being a father is a role that a man can take on with pride anticipating the joy that comes with watching his children grow up. Father love means many things to many people. For some, it is the support and encouragement they received before a big game, while for others, it is when their dads spend extra time with them like this father did.

Photo Pinoy Online

In a facebook post by Facebook page ‘Love Hurts’, a video of a father and daughter singing Moira de La Torre’s “Ikaw at Ako” while showing love for each other went viral. In the adorable video, the little girl can be seen sitting on her father’s lap while she sang the first stanza from the said song. A few moments later, the dad chimed in and they sang the chorus together.

There were moments when the little girl would cover her father’s mouth, signaling for him to stop singing as she would want to sing the part. The father, seeing how adorable his daughter was, would give her kisses on the cheek to show his love for her. The 4-minute video
has reached a whopping 129k reactions, 6k comments, and 69 shares as of this article’s writing.Many netizens were amazed and touched by the video, with some even sharing their own experiences with their dads.

One netizen commented: “So touching. I miss my father. Galing galing nila sweet!”

Another said: “I love it, at the same time I feel so insecure, how come that I haven’t experienced this kind of treatment and love from those two?”