Airplane Love Story: Filipina Tries To Track Down A “Lovely Gentleman” She Met On Her 10-Hour Flight

Jomaica Alfiler is a Filipina student based in Seattle, USA. This Filipina student  is trying to take chances in love by finding out the name and details of the “lovely gentleman” she met while aboard a plane.

Photo Courtesy Jomaica Alfiler

While aboard a German airline Lufthansa flight from Germany to the United States on March 26, she happened to meet a kind stranger. Alfiler said she and the man seated beside her had been kind and lovely for the whole 10-hour flight.

Photo Courtesy Jomaica Alfiler

This is indeed a cute love story on a 10-hour flight.

Since the 22-year-old lady couldn’t take her mind off the mystery stranger, she decided to send Lufthansa a direct message on Facebook asking for the name and contact details of the man. On the said conversation, Alfiler shared how the conversation went.

“I was traveling from Frankfurt to Seattle and I sat right next to a lovely gentleman on the plane but I forgot to get his full name and contact so I emailed Lufthansa.”

Photo Courtesy Jomaica Alfiler

She wrote on her post.

“He was so kind to me and he helped me with my luggage and also he kept ordering gin and tonic — about six times during the whole flight.”

“We were sitting next to each other for the 10-hour flight however, I didn’t get his full name and contact. This is why I’m reaching out to you because I haven’t stopped thinking about him since the plane landed, “ the student added.

“Please hear me out and reach out to him for me please. I don’t know when will I ever see him again or did I miss my chance?” Alfiler asked the airline.

But unfortunately, Lufthansa seemed to dampen Alfiler hopes as they explained data protection law to her.

They only replied,

“As much as we would like to help, our hands are tied due to data protection.”

“Fingers crossed karma is on your side and you will see him again,” the airline added.

Photo Courtesy Jomaica Alfiler

Her post has gone viral after netizens lauded her for her determination in trying to take “destiny” into her own hands.