First Look On The Comeback Trailer of ‘Blue’s Clues’ with Fil-Am host

The latest trailer of the new Blue’s Clues. Yes! Blue’s Clues is back!

The first trailer for the reboot, in a title of “Blue’s Clues & You,” dropped this Thursday. It showcases the show’s new host, a Filipino-American Broadway actor named Joshua dela Cruz.

The said video clip features Dela Cruz dancing around with Blue inside the same animated home, sitting on the thinking chair, and bringing out the handy dandy notebook. Yet we can also see that the only difference now is that the host is wearing a blue shirt compared to the green one worn by the original host, Steve Burns.

In an interview when the relaunch was announced last year, Burns expressed his support for Dela Cruz.

“I know that they saw thousands and thousands of people. And when we saw Josh, I turned to everyone and said we can start filming tomorrow. He was phenomenal from day one,” Burns said.

“The show encapsulated everything that I love: curiosity, the adventure of going to new places, skiddooing into a picture, exercising your imagination, being able to sing and dance and be silly, and then to draw on top of that, it was magic.”

This was what Dela Cruz said when he got the role for the comeback of Blue’s Clues.

Photo Nick Jr.

A lot of kids and even adults are now excited to watch the new version of this show. Many really do grew up watching Blue’s Clues and exploring everything with Blue. For sure today’s kids will absolutely love this as well. From the music, the topic, lessons and character everything seems to be well prepared and taken care off.

Additional to that, is Dela Cruz is a half Filipino and a half American. This makes so even excited to watch the show. This is another pride for our country.